Friday, November 21, 2008

McKenzie's Last Volleyball Game

McKenzie had her last 2 volleyball games today. She did really great! She just needs to work on controlling her superpowers. A few times she hit the ball and it shot clear up the the gym ceiling! The crowd went: Whoooooaaaaaa!
The gym was sort of dark, so the pics turned out a little grainy.

Let me apologize for this video. You'll need to cock your head to the side for the first 2 serves, until I remember that I can't rotate the video on the blog, and turned the camera the right way.

Trevor is always so good about keeping Addi entertained. Below, she was grabbing and squeezing his hand while she watched the game.

McKenzie was in charge of post game snacks, so I made some volleyball cookies with the leftover dough from the "M" cookies. We also did chips and McDonald hamburgers.....Mmmmmm. The lady at the drive thru had to ask me to repeat my order when I said " I'd like 12 hamburgers please".

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Anonymous said...

Nice form out there McKenzie!! You looked awesome! Olympics, here you come!!!
Aunt Julie(IA)