Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Bowling

We wanted to take McKenzie bowling tonight for her birthday, but when I told her where we were going, she wasn't very excited. She would have rather gone to Tiki Island, which is also on base, but they have miniature golf and water bumper boats.

Ok, it's her birthday, so we left and headed to Tiki Island. Then it started raining...

McKenzie said, maybe we should just go bowling. But...Nick didn't bring socks to go bowling, so we were going to just go to Tiki Island and see if the rain stopped.

So Tiki Island it was....but the rain didn't stop, so we went bowling.

Luckily, they had socks you could purchase.... so Nick got to bowl.

Trevor was very particular about how his fingers went...

Trevor was hilarious to watch. He would get a running start and then just DROP the ball. Then, he would dance to the music and bounce while it inched to the pins. He did do pretty good, though, thanks to the bumpers!

Here is McKenzie (now 11) showing off!


and Kim...
Even Addi had a good time, until about the 7th frame of our 2nd game. She was tired, and sick of being handed around...the floors were filthy.

Fun with Daddy!


Ladners'Latest said...

Looks like you guys had fun and I must say, what nice form!

Melissa Kae Creative said...

That looks like fun! I hope you got the Birthday card we sent. Happy Birthday McKenzie!