Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turner's Pet-Sitting Service

Today we said goodbye to our little fluffy friend "Rainbow". I literally pulled into the house behind Major Payton who came to pick up the rabbit....and in the back of my sexy van, was another furry friend we are watching for a little while...
Meet "Zeke", short for "Izekial Mufasa", or "Duke," as Trevor calls him since he can't remember his name.

Zeke belongs to a Marine in the squadron. We will have Zeke for about a week. The kids are so super excited! So is Molly. Trevor ran around with him all day long when we went to BBQ on Veteran's Day.

He's a young boxer, and full of energy, so he and Molly will make a great pair...thank goodness she's fixed!
As soon as we let them out back, they have been playing and chasing ever since.

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