Monday, December 7, 2009

A little sneak peak...

I've been doing my best to put the house together, but I've also tried to do a little decorating in between. Because that is so much more fun than trying to figure out what to do with the few boxes full of stuff I have no idea what to do with.

So here is a little sneak peak of the Christmas decorating I've done so far.

This is my kitchen window I look out each morning to watch the leaves fall off the trees,  the grey squirrels chasing each other each morning, and most recently the snow falling.... and the kids sledding...  LOVE IT!

Here is our fireplace, which burns nearly every night! The kids really love that!

The small hall near the main bathroom and guest room.


Anonymous said...

The view is better than the wall you had to stare at in Hawaii! Cute decorations!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

It looks so warm and homey!