Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowman (actually made of snow, not sand)

Today was a beautiful, chilly, sunny day.  The snow was starting to melt a little, and so everyone in the neighborhood bundled up to scoop snow.  Our 20 inches was shrinking before our eyes and was down to 18 inches by mid morning.

Trevor went out front to help Nick  scoop the walk,
and ended up playing in the snow with his friend, Lea. Here is the snow pile in our street across from the house.

And here is the snowman Trevor and Kuane made.  Trevor was so proud!

One of our neighbors was sweet enough to snowblow the street in front of the house near the mailbox so we could get our mail. (If you don't scoop access to the box, the mailman doesn't deliver) So, after clearing our driveway and sidewalks, Nick did his good deed for the day and helped our neighbor across the street scoop his snow.  Nick is such a good man!

I think Nick was outside for nearly 3 hours. And yes, he is feeling it in his shoulders tonight!  But, he did take a quick break to try out the sledding hill in our back yard with McKenzie and Maliah.

Trevor ventured out again in the afternoon to scope out the back deck.  I had to literally THROW him out the door as to not cause an avalanche INTO my kitchen.... because of the depth of the snow up against my doors.


He made it! Then he tried his hand at body sledding...

But it was more like body CRAWLING.

By noon today, the schools were cancelled throughout the county and surrounding areas already for Monday AND Tuesday. So...the kids' Christmas Break starts NOW! They won't return to school until the 4th! I can't believe Christmas is 5 days away!


Krista said...

Too funny, the question is, what did he do when it was time to come back in!

Ladners'Latest said...

How fun! I love snow, so thanks for the pictures :)