Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Kids...

The other day, McKenzie snuck away with Addison and gave her a 'makeover'.  She straightened her already whispy thin hair, put in a clippy, got her dressed and painted her dainty little fingernails.

McKenzie must have stressed to her the importance of NOT messing up her nailpolish or touching anything until it dries:

Daddy brought home McDonalds for lunch and she struggled to eat her french fries (even though her nailpolish was dry long before!)  Later that afternoon after her nap, I went to get her out of bed, and she was holding out her arms and spreading her fingers as to not mess up the polish. SO FUNNY!

And, tonight....
Nick and Trevor had a little fun with poor defenseless Tyler. 
*Please note no alcohol was consumed by any minors!


Ginny said...

uh oh. just wait until Tyler gets old enough for paybacks.

Anonymous said...

you are just mean to that cute little guys



Melissa Wilson said...

Oh my .. adorable Addison! :)