Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nick's First Flight & Addison's Crash & Burn

Nick had his first flight with HMX-1 today.  He flew the CH-53E. An upgraded version of what he flew in Hawaii with the Uglies, the CH-53D.  It has a lot more power and he really enjoyed flying it.  He even flew with a buddy of his that was also a 53D pilot back in Hawaii, Jim Beaulieu. It was 2 months to the day that he had his last flight in Hawaii to his first flight with HMX.

Now, on to our crash and burn...
This is what happens when you stand on the tippy top of your sit n' spin and try to reach a pan of marbles on top of your cupboards of your play kitchen:

You fall on your face on the countertop (of your play kitchen) and get a nice little shiner.  I'm NOT looking forward to seeing what it will look like in the morning.  BUT, after a few rounds with the "BooBooBunny" icepack, she was back to her ol' crazy self:


Jim and Julie Turner said...

Very cool, Nicko!!
Addi, that countertop didn't play fair, did it? You're such a go-getter - you go girl! In the words of Billy Crysal: "You my dear, you look Marvelous!"

~ RM said...

Oh, that poor baby- looks like she toughed it out! Haha, mine is not quite the dare devil yet, thank goodness! ;)

Thanks for commenting on my twine decorations! This is super easy- and I've found out you can use elmer's schoold glue instead of the fabric stiffener (cheaper! Oh, just water it down a TAD, so its easier to coat the twine!)

Take care- have a great holiday with your family and friends!

Ladners'Latest said...

Ouch! The sit-n-spin...Addi, I'm impressed. :) The girl is resourceful.

Ginny said...

OUCH for Addi. Glad it didn't get as bad as you thought it might.

Love all the photos.