Friday, December 18, 2009

Trevor's Christmas Program

Thursday was Trevor's Pre-school Christmas Program.  The classes all sang 5 songs together at the front of the church. They were dressed in their handmade Reindeer and Christmas tree shirts with coordinating head peices.  Too cute!

Trevor is in the front row of reindeers on the left half.

After the concert, they had all the classrooms set up for crafts and snacks.  So we headed on to each of the craft stations to make some goodies.

First they made paper chains for a countdown to Christmas.

Then, it was on to snack time, which was conveniently across the hall.  Then we headed to the most popular station of Gingerbread Houses!!!!
They had all the houses premade, and had all the candies spread out on plates, and the frosting in cups. I frosted the house for Trevor and he went to town with the decorations!

Addison was right at his side helping to "clean up" any candies that were 'misplaced'.

We still had crafts to make, so we finished up the house and went to make beaded candycanes.

It was a fun morning! I even had Tyler dressed for the occasion!

Addison had to burn off all that sugar... she did so by getting into the silverware drawer and balancing all her toddler spoons between the dishwasher and countertop.

She's so fashionable in her yellow hat.... that she THINKS goes with everything.  And her shiner.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Trevor had a good time and never a dull moment with Addi around! Tyler is too cute in his Santa outfit!

Julie S.

Jim and Julie Turner said...

Very cool! All those fun things to do!! Trevor you looked so cute in your reindeer shirt. And Addi - you just keep on keeping everyone on their toes! And little St. Tyler! THAT is one CUTE little guy! Thanks for all your blog updates!!