Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Snow Today...

So, if you've been following the blog, you'll know we had quite a day yesterday. It was never blistery and blowing, it just snowed ALL...DAY....LONG.  It was so pretty.  I spent the entire day baking! I made:

White House Cookies
Rich Cookies (Nick's fav)
Candy Cane Cookies
Almond Biscotti
(Nick made) Fudge
Caramel Chocolate covered apples
and mixed up sugar cookies.

It was awesome! The kids helped quite a bit throughout the day when they were in between outings. Here, Trevor and Addison helped with the candy cane cookies.  These, you make up red dough and white dough, then roll out two equal wormies, one of each color, then twist them together to make a candy cane.

Nick caught a few pics for us.  In this next one, you'll see I left the area to place some cookies on the baking sheet.  Addison is no kidding watching me to time a cookie dough swipe!  I can't tell you how many cookies disappeared while on the cooling rack!  The evidence (mostly on her face) was a dead giveaway! Well, that, and her big grin with cookie falling out of her mouth.... oh, and the running away when I caught her.

Like my tie-dye "Wilson" volleyball shirt from high school? I found that the other day while going through a dusty 'winter clothes' tote that we haven't been in for about 6 years! We are busy rolling candy canes.

Now, onto the snow. Here are some pictures taken first thing this morning.  And yes, we made it to the 20 inch mark! As seen here my Nick's high tech snow-mometer gage-y thing.

Here you will see that the snow held on the table. Jim, I was worried it would collapse too!

The front drive...and Nick's truck....and our tracks from late last night coming back from the neighbors after a night of CatchPhrase. The boys beat the girls.. but that was only after like 3 or 4 rounds of 'practice'... funny how the rules changed so much as we went along. Hmmmmmm.  What was the bet? Oh, well, losers just have to do a little caroling on Christmas Eve to a minimum of 5 houses in our neighborhood. Better start practicing. But I think I may feel a little laryngitis coming on....

McKenzie and Maliah walked in the house yesterday munching on some icicles. Ick. Here are some hanging off my house!  And I think I may have mentioned Nick making a snow angel at the neighbors the night it started snowing. Here is his mobile picture of that:

If he were to do that now, he would disappear in 20 inches of snow... and I think it would be a lot colder. He DOES make a nice snow angel, though!

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Melissa said...

You're so lucky to spend a day doing nothing but baking!! What a glorious day must have been! I wish I was at your house during that time as the scent of baking is one of my most favorite smells! Your family is so lucky to be able to eat so many wonderful and yummy treats!