Saturday, December 19, 2009


The snow started late last night.  Nick and I went over to the neighbors to watch a movie and have some yummy brandy slushes! Nick ran out in their back deck and did a snow angel in about 6 inches of snow.  Then we had to trudge home up the sidewalk in all the soft white stuff. It was awesome! I LOVE IT! (I may feel differently about it in a few weeks or so, maybe less.. but for now, the kids are in heaven, and it's so fun to watch them!)

Trevor's first words this morning were LOOK AT ALL THE SNOW!!!!!


Then after a call from our neighbor Poncho early this morning for a snow playdate, it wasn't long before all the kids were up and getting all bundled up to go play outside with the neighbor kids. Thanks mom for letting Trevor and Addison open up one of the gifts early... SNOWPANTS!

The pants fit them both perfectly! Although, Addison had some trouble getting around...

But Dad was soon adorned with his Carhart gear and ready to go out and play with the kids.

Tyler and I stayed in and watched them play in the snow while Nick and Poncho scooped the sidewalk... and the truck with the plow cleared the street. McKenzie and Maliah were out the door before I could get the camera.  More pictures to come! The snow is still falling!!!!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I saw on the news that y'all were going to get hit with the snow storm. Thanks for posting pics! We are hitting the road on Sunday and pray the weather is good!

Julie S.

Jim and Julie Turner said...

HO, HO, HO!!! Santa was listening, huh? Kids got snow for Christmas!How awesome is THAT! LOVED the pics - everyone all bundledup up like the Michelen Man! HA!! Keep the pics coming!!!
Jim and Julie

Anonymous said...

Well, your about a two weeks behind our big 14 inches here. At least you have a 4x4 to get you around. Enjoy the snow!!!!


Ginny said...

Is Elfinelfta outside in the snow???

Greg wants to know if we need to post a few Hawaii photos for you guys.
Great to see the kids (and Nick too) are enjoying the snow so much.

Melissa said...

I have mixed feelings about your copious amounts of snow...I'm a bit jealous that you have a snow day to have loads of fun in, but on the other hand I'm happy with having to deal with just the rain!
The kids look so cute bundled up so much! Enjoy the snowy holidays!