Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Update

The snow has not let up since my morning post.  The kids, however, have come in, and been back out and back in again.  Naps all around (minus me).  The kids had some homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Here's the recipe I found online. It was really good. But the recipe makes one serving. I had to quadruple the recipe:

Easy Hot Chocolate:
1 T cocoa
2 T sugar
2 T water
Cook over medium heat about 1-2 minutes. 
Add 1 cup milk
Splash of vanilla.
Continue to heat until it reaches your prefered temperature.

Nick and Trevor made 2 batches of Nick's famous fudge:

And I've made White House Cookies, mixed up dough for Nick's favorite Rich Cookies, and my yummy sugar cookies.  I also made 6 chocolate/caramel covered apples with peppermint bits on top! And I'm just getting started!

Nick just stuck a yard stick out our kitchen door to measure our snowfall.  As of 3:30pm, we have 17.5 inches.

All the scooping and shoveling he did this morning has been covered in.... you can't even tell he was out there.


Ginny said...

Anxious to hear updates. I heard on the news that Roanoke got 17.5 inches of snow.

Anonymous said...

we want 20 inches of snow... so not fair