Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big Bathroom Reveal

First off, I'll update you on Nick andKenzie on the Big Island. Nick called quick at lunch yesterday and said they were having a good time! It was such an early morning for everyone that he said the kids were pretty worn out even by noon, but after talking to him later at night when they were getting ready for lights out, the kids had obviously gotten a second wind!

Nick is rooming with a few boys in the hotel room and said he had a couple of good kids! I think that was one thing he was worried about, being stuck with some routy boys....but he lucked out and got some good ones!!!

They did a lot of sightseeing but not too many pictures, and he was not able to send me any via email, so we may have to wait until Wednesday to get them up here for you all to see. I'm anxious to see everything as well!

So Day 1 for us back on the home island was a day of 'trying' to clean up the house. Sunday night was a rat race trying to get everyone packed and to bed at a decent time...needless to say, McKenzie didn't get to bed until WELL after her usual bedtime...(sigh)

So yesterday afternoon, Trevor and Addison and I went to Alaina's house to bring her a flower cupcake bouquet....and take a dip in Andrew's new pool!

It was quite a pool! The boys had a GREAT time! Addi even dipped her toes in the water, which, by the way, was like a warm bath, since the sun had been so hot that day! WooHoooo!

She mostly enjoyed trying out Andrew's walker (which isn't being used much anymore since he's been walking!)

After a little while in the sun, Addison had drifted off to sleep for a quick nap on the way home, and we got home, had supper, and headed to bed.

Now, on to the bathroom! Mother's Day was very productive! Nick had previously sealed all the grout a few days before, so McKenzie took Addison off my hands, and Nick and I double teamed the paint job!
  • Finished Priming
  • First Coat
  • Second Coat

  • Re-do the frame on the mirror
(for those of you who didn't hear the story, Nick custom made a frame for the mirror, and on the last screw, the clamp he used to hold the mirror to the frame must have been too tight, and it cracked the corner off the mirror...oops! 7 years bad luck!)
But he redeamed himself and went and purchased a glass cutter and just fixed that problem!
  • Attach knobs to the cabinets
  • Hook up light fixture
  • install electical outlet
  • Install hand towel hanger
  • Install double towel rack!
So even though it wasn't much of a 'put my feet up and relax day'...I did get a finished bathroom, so I'm not complaining!!!

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Jan said...

the bathroom looks AWESOME!!