Sunday, May 11, 2008

Traveler Palms Will Travel

Today on our first day of the weekend, we started off by traveling up and over to Millilani to dig up some Traveler Palms we found on!
Yes, another great deal on

The guy had already started digging them up for us by the time we got there, so it only took a few minutes for Nick to finish up the digging and load them up in the truck!

As soon as we got home, we (meaning Nick, mostly) grabbed our shovels and started digging these new Traveler Palms some new homes. We thought they'd be great along the fence between our neighbor. His yard is too perfect, and we don't want to look at it anymore! (Just kidding... well, sort of!)

Then we had this tree shown below that has sprouted some offspring beside it, so I asked Nick if he would dig them up and spread them along the front side of the neighbors fence....



There are now a total of 4 little trees along our front side fence. We'll see if they grow now! I promised to water them often!
Oh, also accomplished today was the frame for the mirror for the upstairs bathroom. We are hoping to get some painting done up there tomorrow, so check back for pictures tomorrow!

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Jan said...

they look great!!!