Friday, May 9, 2008

Mmm Mmm Good!

Addison had cereal today for the (2nd) time! The first attempt was weeks ago in hopes it would help her to sleep through the night..but she was NOT crazy about the texture then...

This time however, she couldn't get enough! She scarfed down the first couple tablespoons I made...and was looking at me like a hungry baby bird with her mouth open when it was gone like "aaaaaahhhhh....I want more!"
So I quick made a little more....GONE....and then after the third round, I think she had her fill. She was a little messy at first, but we figured out a manuever that helped keep most of it in her mouth!
Mmmm....Licking her lips!
Here is a picture Nick took yesterday on his flight to the Big Island with a fleet of 4 helicopters. They flew right by the area where the lava from the active volcano has been seeping into the ocean, causing all kinds of smoke or "VOG" (volcanic fog).
I think Nick was pretty proud of this shot!
I was impressed!

This was yesterday before Nick went into work. He and Addison were just hangin out on the couch. She's still in her jammies.

She is really into standing up!
Happy girl!She is sitting better and better each day!

Three days til the Big Island trip! McKenzie is SO excited! Monday will be an early morning for everyone! They have to be up EARLY EARLY EARLY!
Trevor has been on a "I'm Going To Grandma's" kick. Each day he tells me with the biggest smile and excitement "MOMMY!!!! We are going to my grandma's house today!!!!" But I have to remind him it will be a few weeks before we will actually go. Poor thing gets so upset with me! And there is NO winning with him.

I wish I could post more pictures of him on here, but he is NOT very photogenic lately. The only pics I get of him lately are him running away from the camera, or mean faces saying "I SAID NO PICTURES!"
McKenzie is always off playing with the neighborhood friends as soon as her homework is done, so she is never around for photos either.
Nick has duty through the night tonight, so he'll sleep most of the morning tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll have another weekend warrior update before the weekend is over!

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Jan said...

can those eyes get any bigger? gosh she is so beautiful Kim! And that photo is awesome! I would love to have an 8 x 10 to frame and hang up at Sky Ranch! Can you do that?