Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honolulu Zoo

A few of my friends and I went to the zoo with our kids this morning down in Honolulu. It was a hot and sunny day...but we all had a blast!

We started our day with the elephants! The trainers were working with them so we got to watch them do all their little tricks like skip on one foot, spin in circles, kneel, bow, wave to us with their trunks (so cute!)...

Then it was on to the alligators...and I was able to snap a shot of two very curious creatures behind some bamboo railings...

(Trevor & Hudson)

Addison was quite the trooper all morning, she did snooze from time to time...I guess the animals weren't all that interesting to her.

Around the corner were giraffes and rhinos...they weren't too social! Trevor just liked climbing the rocks around the look out and jumping off!

Then my little monkey got to mingle with a monkey. He followed him around the viewing area.

And of course, we had to climb on the giraffes back! That was a must! (don't worry, it was not real) It was hard to get a good picture as the boys were rarely still long enough to take one, you know how Trevor gets when I aim the camera anywhere near him! "NO PICTURES!!!"

The lions at this zoo are apparently getting old, as a sign on their cage read something along the lines of "lions are getting old, we are letting them live out their last days as happy as they can"...we decided it was the hospice area for lions. They just lay there. (sad)

The boys took a moment to press a penny with a design on it. Trevor chose the frog image, and cranked the bar and watched his shiny penny get smushed into a flat oval. Then he and Hudson posed with their pennies....but I think Trevor was more into Vogue-ing?!

KEIKI (Children's) ZOO

The kids got to go in the keiki petting zoo and as you can see, Addison was wide awake for this part! The boys went straight for the tunnel to the mini aquarium of Koi fish! There was an area in the middle where they could pop up and look out!

Even Addison watched the fish swim by...

Then it was on to the goats! Trevor followed them around a while, and then when it was time to come out, the goats tried to follow HIM out!

Then of course we had to sanitize!!!!!

I always thought it was funny to have a COW at a zoo...maybe that's just my Iowa farmgirl coming out! But I just had to take a picture anyways, like everyone else!!! ha ha

Trevor has decided he knows how to read, and there was this big plastic cow there that looked like it was used to demonstrate how to milk a cow...only this one was missing some important parts for that....anyways, here is a quick clip of Trevor telling me about the sign around the Cows neck:

Finally, we were back at the flamingos where we started our day. And it was time to head home!

This picture was taken only minutes after we arrived home.

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Jan said...

looks like a ton of fun!