Thursday, May 8, 2008

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

The empty lot next to our house is finally up for sale! It's official with a FOR SALE sign in the yard and everything. Trevor noticed the realtor in the lot the other day taking pictures and tattled on her. "Mommy there is a lady in the yard!!!"

Excited about the possible progress of selling the lot, I ran and told Nick, who was working on our upstairs bathroom.

Nick ran down and chatted with the realtor before she left. She hopes to get it sold fairly quickly! Nick can't wait! His first visit with the new owners I'm sure will be, "so what are you planning to put up in place of that awful rock wall?!"

So...for those of you who want to live next to the Turner's (don't every one jump at once) it will only cost you: $577,000
There aren't any pictures listed as of today, but there should be soon!

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Jan said...

hmmm....wonder what this will do to your property value? I say, up, up and up!