Friday, May 2, 2008

E Lei I Ke Aloha O Ka ‘Olelo

McKenzie had a May Day Program at her school this morning.
May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii!

E Lei I Ke Aloha O Ka ‘Olelo
(Let us Embrace the Love of our Languages)

Each class did a special dance or hula.
McKenzie's 4th grade class did a hula with the Hawaiian Puili Bamboo Rattle Sticks

She did a really great job! I tried to upload the video but it's not working at this time...
I'll keep trying to upload it!

The 6th graders did the Electric Slide (line dance) to the song "I Will Survive". I had to laugh the whole time because I always think of drag queens when I hear this song. Seems to be there favorite song to lip sing to. But anyways, they had fun with it, and it was so entertaining.

The preschoolers did a silly dance to "Surfin' USA"
The Kindergarten did an adorable hula
And the other classes did chants and hula as well.

All the students wore Hawaiian dresses or shirts. There were even 6th graders dressed up to represent princesses and kahili bearers for each Hawaiian Island. Each dressed in different colors with different shells or flowers depending on which island they were from. It was so neat to see these young kids take so much pride in their heritage.

After the program McKenzie was able to leave the school with us, so it was a very short day for her!

Tonight we will be having the Heikens over for supper. They are leaving the island at the end of this month and headed to HMX in Quantico, VA. The kids and I are making some fun brownies for dessert! Yumm-0!

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Sounds like fun Kenzie!