Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Warrior

This weekend Nick vowed to get some projects knocked out. So he started with finishing the flooring on the steps and landing going up to the new bedroom. CHECK!
Then it was on to the railing which until today had been the deadly drop off in mommy and daddy's room. The kids knew all too well not to go near that edge, or it would result in a tragic death. Nick got this used railing from a guy on for a great with a few tweaks, some cuts on the table saw, and a few parts from Lowe's...
oh yeah...and a photo op with Addison while Daddy worked...
"My Daddy May Be Ugly But I'm A Cutie"
This project is done! CHECK!
Well, at least until I can get to them with a paint brush! But that will have to wait til another day... awww doesn't he look proud!

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Jan said...

Very very nice!