Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rough Night

Addison was up ALL NIGHT last night. She took a little evening nap around 6 and then was wired for a while so she didn't get to sleep around 8 like she normally does. Once we finally got her to bed, I went soon after. Then it seemed like once I had been down for about 30 minutes, she got real fussy and wouldn't stay asleep.

She was starting to get a runny nose, so I wonder if she was having trouble breathing. I fed her, and she went back to sleep.....but not for long. And that continued all night long. I don't think she slept longer then an half an hour before she'd start fussing again.

Nick and I both took shifts but I don't think either of us slept until Nick took her downstairs around 4am so that I could sleep. I was near tears I was so tired. Then when he brought her back up around 7 to eat, I took her so Nick could take his turn to sleep....and he is still in bed...poor thing. And now Addison is taking a morning nap.

Luckily Nick doesn't have to go in until after lunch for a late flight tonight. So he can sleep all morning if he needs to!

Tonight is the parents meeting for the Big Island Trip Nick is chaperoning for McKenzie's entire 4th grade class. They leave next Monday and stay through Wednesday (May 12-14). They are both looking forward to it! I'll post more details next week while they are gone so we can keep track of what they will be doing.

Trevor will be starting Pre-School at the end of the summer (late July). I got him signed up at a church here in town just a few blocks from our house. He is really excited as he LOVES to watch Kenzie get on the bus each morning. I tried to tell him it will be a couple more years before he will be able to ride that bus, but he INSISTS that yes, he will be riding the bus at the end of the summer when HE starts school! So to save my energy, I just say "Okay, Trevor!"

Well, I'm off to get some things done if I can get Addison laid down....I'm getting good at positioning her so I can type...fold clothes...cook! I've got cupcakes to do for tonight too!

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