Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

My neice, Hannah, turned 7 this month, so we all got together to celebrate today. 

My sister made some yummy Nevada Cubs "Cub-cakes"! They were too cute and super delicious!

Addison sure thought so... I believe this is her second of three cupcakes throughout the afternoon. If it makes a difference, she only ate the tops off of them.

There was also a little bowling involved (thank goodness for bumper lanes. YAY ADDISON!

And some snuggle time as well:

Trevor was off with his cousin Dylan playing ski ball and earning tokens to cash in for toys.  McKenzie mastered the CLAW maching and snatched a bundle of 1,000 tickets, a stuffed pumpkin, and a halloween bear.  To those of you who believe the claw machine is unbeatable... McKenzie not only won ONE time....but THREE times!!!! See her winnings and more pictures from the party on my sister in law's blog HERE.

Later on, we headed in to the Golf Course Clubhouse in town for a surprise birthday party for my cousin and uncle's birthdays. It was great seeing more family and friends I hadn't seen in a while.. and the highlight.... TOUCHDOWN HAWKEYES IN THE LAST 2 SECONDS!! THE HAWKS WIN! THE HAWKS WIN! 8-0 YEAH BABY!!!! The Wilson family was definitely REPRESENTING! Hawkeye shirts EVERYWHERE!!!

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Ginny said...

Well of course Addison only ate the tops. Isn't she mostly interested in the frosting???