Monday, October 12, 2009

Painting Par-tay

Today we had a very productive day... we had a few friends stop over for a painting 'party'.  Our friend Dennis and his daughter "Little McKenzie" came over before noon, and the Ladner's came over after lunch.  We painting most of the interior trim and closets throughout the entire house.  Nick had hoped to finish up the outside trim around the windows, but the weather was NOT cooperative.

Drew had lots of help from Andrew.  And he even got to paint while watching football. He got assigned to the "good" room where the computer was set up to the cable.

Alaina was a closet queen... and a trim perfectionista! Hope the paint washes out of your hair (and off your arm!) tee hee

And you might be wondering how it was possible to get so much work done with our 4 kids, and 2 extras?!?

God Bless the Ladners' for bringing over their bouncy house! And to Nick for bringing home suckers when he ran out for that last gallon of paint...

However, Little McKenzie and Andrew quickly found out that Addison was NOT a good choice for holding their suckers when they wanted to go back in the bouncy house.... she was licking all 3 with a huge grin on her face.... but she seemed totally okay with being the sucker holder!

and God Bless Goldfish,

...and babies who can sleep through just about ANYTHING!

***Tyler giggled for the first time today! I tickled under his chunky little chin, and he just belted out this adorable little laugh! He even kept doing it so that I could prove to Daddy I had made him laugh... and Alaina had him laughing this afternoon too! Isn't a baby giggle the best thing EVER! I think so.

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Jim and Julie Turner said...

NICE JOB painting!! Looks fabtabulous! And we'd LOVE to hear little Tyler's baby giggle. We'll await his first video début! See you soon!!!!!!!