Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Volleyball Season Again

McKenzie went out for volleyball again this year. She even convinced her BFF (Tiani) to go out with her too!  Their first games were yesterday. They had a Jamboree Kickoff and played 3 different games.  It was so exciting! They really have improved and went UNDEFEATED!  McKenzie did a great job of serving and going after the ball. I don't think it dropped ONCE without someone hitting it! She will get to play in one more game before we move.

McKenzie is in the black tank top and capri pants in the middle of the pic.  I took pics of her serving, but they turned out really blurry.  None of my pics seem to turn out very well in this gymnasium...

Addison was very busy taking notes during the game... or maybe she was keeping score... I don't know. 

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Jim and Julie Turner said...

And that Addi... what a cutie pie! :)