Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nick's Last Flight with HMH-362

Nick flew his last flight on Thursday afternoon.  He chose to fly with his first CO, Col. L'Heureux.  "Tradition" stands that the pilot gets thrown in the bay after he lands... so they guys arranged for me and the kids to park in the CO's parking spot, and attend the BIG EVENT!

We left McKenzie's volleyball game a little early and made it just in time.  We visited with the guys for a few minutes before heading out to the flight line.

Wyatt and Kristina also attended. Here are Wyatt and Addison in their matching strollers sharing some goldfish before Nick lands.
One of the guys let Trevor try on his cranial.

Before we knew it, the helicopter was in sight...

The guys started heading out...

The Uglies swarmed the helicopter...

Surrounding it so there was NO CHANCE to escape!!!!

They even entered the helicopter from the rear, pulled Nick's LPU, infating the neck 'floatie' (for kicks safety reasons of course)  Then it was off to the bay!


Nick said a few last words to all the guys that were there. That was hard.

Then they all lined up for one last good-bye:

Col. Pecina (current CO)

Col. L'Heureux (Nick's 1st of 5 CO's)

...a quick pose with the family (minus Kenzie)

Nick with 3 of his 5 CO's

Col. L'Heureux, Cpt. Turner, Col. Pecina, Col. Hagan

Cpt. Zaro kept the boys busy and found a little black crab on the water's edge.

Ladies, he is great with kids... and AVAILABLE!!!

Alaina and Drew and Andrew also attended.  A bunch of us all went out to eat later that evening for THE LAST SUPPER.  Check out Alaina's blog for pictures from last evening.  It was a great way to spend our last evening on the island... with some of our closest friends!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Yes ladies...the guy trying to EAT the little black crab is available! lol