Monday, October 12, 2009

Living the High Life

McKenzie has had quite a week off for fall break.  She has been spending as much time with her friends as possible, in between our family outings.

Friday night she went with Tiani's family to a house they manage.  They call it "The Mansion".  (a.k.a $7 million home that is under remodeling to become a $12 million home) McKenzie has stayed there before, but this time she took the time to take pictures with her phone so that she could brag to show her Mom and Dad where she stayed.

Oh. My. Gosh.
This place is A.MAZ.ING.

Here are the front steps leading up to the entrance:

The kitchen...

The outdoor dining area (I KNOW!!!!)

Check out the view:

And if that isn't making your jaw drop (mine has been since picture one) check out the pool/hot tub:

And then looking toward the house to the pool/back door:

Yeah... so.... that's where Kenzie had to got to slept the other night, while the rest of us slept on plastic wrapped loaner mattresses in our empty house.  Jealous much!?!?

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Ladners'Latest said...

How did I not get invited to that slumber party?!