Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Made it to Iowa

We spent the weekend in Virginia to check out our new house in Stafford and visiting McKenzie's Middle School.  We will be living next door to the Vila's and we could not be more excited! They have 5 kids of their own and they all had a blast together the two short days we spent with them.

Before we knew it, we were back in the airport headed to Iowa.

We got in late Monday night.  Check out Nick's brother and sister-in-law's blog HERE for pics from that.  Then we were headed down the road to my parents house.

Our first day, Trevor helped Grandpa Wilson with some harvesting.

He got to ride in the combine and had a great time watching the corn go from the combine to the wagons, etc...

The kids are getting a little more adjusted to the time change and just having a great time here.  I'll post more pictures as I have time! We miss all our Hawaii friends!!!! The weather here has been pretty nice so far, 60's during the day. But it still requires a jacket for us thin-blooded transplanted Hawaiians.  Give us a little time, and our thin blood will thicken up again.


Anonymous said...

Your new house looks beautiful! Can't wait to come visit after the holidays!

Julie S.

Krista said...

I agree with Julie, that house is GORGEOUS and it looks huge as well.

Ladners'Latest said...

The house looks great! And I love the pics of Trevor on the combine! Makes me miss the farm :)