Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last day on the island...


I'm sitting in our hotel room at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. All showered and relaxing after a long DAY/NIGHT of flying.  Never have I been so exhausted, tired, excited, and sad all at once.  Our last few weeks on the island are a complete blur.  They flew by way too fast. I feel like I didn't get to see all of those I wanted to say goodbye to, but am blessed to have been able to spend time with most of you!!!!

But I have to admit, after yesterdays turn of events, I am glad to be off the island and done with this part of the moving process.

Here's a recap of our last day....sit back, it might be a long one.  Looking back at it now that it's over, I can almost laugh about it.

6:30AM: We headed to Honolulu to drop off the van to get it shipped to Virginia.  We left McKenzie and Trevor at the hotel room to sleep in.  Addison and Tyler came with us.  We drove a friends' truck (Thanks a MILLION Gina, and I'm sorry I (we) forgot to call you and tell you where we parked your truck in the parking structure before we took off on our 8 hour flight, even though you had no problem finding it anyways) and the van down to Honolulu, arriving about 8:15, 15 minutes prior to our appointment.  I stayed in the car with the kids while he went in to take car of the paperwork.  It wasn't 5 minutes before Nick came back to the car with a NOT SO PLEASANT look on his face.

"I think I forgot to grab the title for the car."
Thinking we would have to drive ALL the way back to Kaneohe to get it, he reminds me that it is in the fire safe..... which got packed up..... 2 weeks ago with our household goods.....and was probably halfway across the ocean.

Oh $%&$! no!  So I called the nearest City Hall to see if they could get us a copy.  Sure thing! And lucky for us, it was only a few miles away.

Once again, I stayed in the car with the kids (did I mention before that it was BLAZING HOT!) while he ran in to get the title.  Now, I don't know what it is with DMV's... and CITY HALLS, but why is it that there is ALWAYS a long line and never enough workers?!!?  Nick had even called ahead and said we were on our way, and what our situation was.  After standing in line for at least 30 minutes (keep in mind I am STILL sitting in a truck with a screaming impatient Tyler and Addison) Nick is getting impatient.  Explaining his situation, he kindly asked the lady if he could be helped before his turn, since he was in a big hurry. With no sympathy, she tells him, "Wait in line like everyone else."

Breathe, Nick, breathe.

Some time later, 9:30am, he comes running out to the truck.  Now, to set the scene, Nick is less than thrilled with his not so prompt service, and we are parked in typical Hawaiian parking lot, where the stalls are only big enough for very small cars, and no room to open your door...and as luck would have it, there was a truck behind us, and a car on one side, making it nearly impossible to get out.

I nice local lady was standing outside that car to the side of us on her cell.  Nick asked if she could help him out, but letting him know how close he was getting.  She complied be continuing to talk on her cell and wave nick toward the car....

A very pleasant Nick soon asked his gorgeous loving wife to sweetly step out of the truck and assist this wonderful lady with the distance between the vehicles since she was doing such a fabulous job. (Catch my drift?)

So after only one little nudge to the truck behind us in the parking lot, we were soon on our way back to the shipping station with all the paper work we needed.  A not so quick wait, and the world's most slowest, thorough inspector and his TRAINEE, who Nick claimed to have been as dumb as a box of rocks, went over the details on the van... making Nick hand wash the outside with a cloth and a bucket because it wasn't clean enough for their standards. Maybe if we hadn't had to run all over town to get the title, that wouldn't have happened.

MEANWHILE: McKenzie is texting asking if we were on our way. No.  So I had her do laundry, which resulted in locking herself out of the room (even though I strictly said DO NO LEAVE THE ROOM WITHOUT THE KEY).  She was smart enough to get one from the front desk.  Later, as she left the room, key in hand, to throw the clothes in the dryer, returns to the room to find that the key DOES NOT work.  She asked the maid to help her but was directed to the front desk.... Why didn't the key work? Oh, well because check out was at 10AM, and they automatically deactivate the keys at that time.  Lucky for us, she issued her another key. (Did I mention they refused to let us extend our checkout time a couple hours since we were flying out in the late afternoon?  Gotta love that!)

We finally returned back to the Lodge around 11.  When we should have been back by 9:30.  Anything that wasn't packed was thrown in any spare space in the existing suitcases that didn't already weigh a near 70 pounds. Nick had sweet talked a different gal at the front desk to allow us to extend checkout without being charged an extra day. Take our time, she says... because sure, we have TONS OF THAT!

Addi stole Tyler's blankie on the way home and fell asleep underneath it. Tyler was already asleep and didn't mind.

12:00 Noon: Truck loaded, kids strapped in, we headed to the hangar for some last minute paperwork. 

12:30 On our way to the Navy Exchange to buy Nick a new laptop... because he had a scratch coupon for anywhere from 5%-20% off.  Nick asks if we needed some snacks for the plane.  I had a few things, but told him he could probably grab some goldfish and some cracker packs.... but not much, because the kids would most likely sleep a majority of the flights and wouldn't need any junk food.

I drop Nick off and head to McDonalds to get the kids some lunch.

15 minutes later, Nick comes out of the NEX with a new laptop and the goldfish and crackers AND about 8 bags of candy and glowsticks for the kids. (no comment) Because all kids on airplanes need glowsticks in the dark.... all surrounding passengers LOVE those!

After a smooth check in at the airport, with not even checking baggage weight (thank goodness) we were set. Oh, wait, did I forget to mention the girl who jumped out of the taxi to check in to her flight her her STRING BIKINI?!?! Seriously.

Does it matter she had a great body? No. Who leaves the island on a plane in a freaking bikini? Was it necessary to prance everywhere she went? Nick didn't seem to see the problem in that whole situation. Apparently the events of this morning had effected him greatly and his judgement was severely impaired regarding this matter.

And so, we passed security, made it to the gate, and boarded our plane with no problem. Besides the fact that our seats were not together. We were spread out 1 seat in front, 2 behind that, and then 3 in the next row behind that.  So, I'd love to thank all 3 of the individuals who refused to switch seats with McKenzie so that she wouldn't have to sit by herself. Especially the woman who's excuse was that she was traveling with her family across the isle, and she couldn't move because she had all the food. (Trust me, they could have gone without!) Who passes up a seat at the front of the bulkhead????

4:20PM, we take off and arrive in Chicago 8 hours later. Besides a few screaming fits from Addison, and Mommy not being able to find the cancel button in the bathroom as Addison repeatedly pushed the FLIGHT ATTENDANT HELP button when they were in their... to have the flight attendant nearly beat down the door to make sure we were ok...the flight was great. Then it was a 3 1/2 hour layover in Chicago and a quick 90 minute flight to D.C.

And Kim nearly leaving checked bag #12 in the airport because Kim had 11 bag tickets and 11 bags, which added up to her, go figure. Thank goodness Nick's sharp memory and EAGLE EYES caught on as he was loading the van and went back inside to get it.

ONLY THEN, did we load up all 11 checked bags, 6 carry-ons, 3 carseats, 4 kids, 2 strollers, and a Nick and a Kim.... ALL in a minivan. That's right folks. No 15 passenger Jon & Kate economy van for the Turners!!! (Not that it mattered that I REFUSED to rent one) We all fit, did a quick drive by of the huge house we are renting *squeal* and have checked in to our hotel room for two nights.

Tyler bundled up in Virginia.

Tomorrow we get to walk through the house, see some friends and check out the area.  Monday we plan to visit McKenzie's school and then fly out that evening to Iowa.

Our email accounts will soon be null and void so please take note of the current email address:

Kim: *yes I am aware that we are 6 now. I had this account before Tyler.

Our cell numbers will remain the same. I will update you on our new home address and home phone as it becomes official!

This just goes to show you that Kim does a great job as a wife and mother but even she can be rattled  after this endeavour, i would just like to add that this is my first time on this blog and probably my last and that throughout this entire process of moving to Virginia i have dealt with the dumbest people in the world and i have rethought my views on how you just cant fix stupid.  This experience has also pushed our relationship to the brink of frustration but so far we have survived.  WE WILL SEE HOW THE INLAW VACATION GOES.  Signed Kim's loving husband. 


Jim and Julie Turner said...

OMG - HILARIOUS count of your events! Jim and I were laughing out loud! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS!!!

Lesley and Zachary said...

Wow, that makes our last day seem like a piece of cake! (Although I do wish that I would have taken a picture of our 10 checked bags, plus a stroller, plus our carry-ons, plus the 3 of us, all in a 4-door sedan.)

Glad you made it safe and sound to the East Coast!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the hilarious account of your last day in HI. BTW we have the title to our car ready to go in our VPC folder. Thanks for taking the time to write such a long post so we could all smile!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

After that I'm EXHAUSTED! (but laughing hysterically) Glad you guys made it. And Nick, I think you should chime in more often.

Jan said...

I had the vision that Nick had everyone lined up during check in at the airport with their bags/car seats for a last minute inspection. I also had the vision that everyone was yelling louder than Nick and then you all did the "pile on" as he was speaking!Can you just see it? OH HOW FUNNY!!! Glad you all are safe and sound in VA.

Anonymous said...

Did Nick get his Sony laptop? What was his 'scratch off' discount? Curious minds want to know! We only got 5% on the blender we bought.

Julie S.

Kristi said...

LOL!!! I loved the extra comments by your husband. We will miss you but we will be following you on your blog. Give that baby an extra squeeze from me!!!

Sara G said...

That seems very tiresome! Glad you made it in to Virginia, we'll have to get together once you get back from Iowa....We had our very own travel adventures to Arizona this weekend....and I don't think I'll be travelling by air anytime soon with a toddler again!

Melissa said...

What an adventure to get to your new home! I'm glad that you and your lovely family (finally!) made it to your destination. At least you can get some much deserved rest when you're in Iowa!