Friday, October 2, 2009

My 2nd Night at The Lodge

We reserved a room at The Lodge on the base for two nights during our pack out. We were told it would take 3 days... so we figured we wouldn't have anywhere to sleep for two nights.

Little did we know, our packers would have us all cleaned out on day 2!

So....Nick, McKenzie and Trevor stayed at the house and slept on the loaner beds.

I took advantage of the 2nd night's stay at The Lodge and took Tyler and Addison with me.  Our first night with the whole family did not go so well with different bedtimes and needing lights on to finish homework, so no one got much sleep that first night.

On this 2nd night with just me and the babies, I thought we'd all hit the sack around 8! 

I got to the room about 7:30 and planned to bathe them.  Addison refused. So, while I was bathing Tyler in the tub, I hear Addison rustling around, then the TV comes on.... as I come around the corner, there she was all reclined in the bed, blankie, baby, and binkie in place...remote in hand.

Needless to say, Addison did NOT got to bed as early as I wanted.  She needs her own bed, in her own dark room.  I usually lay her down and shut the door.  She hardly ever puts up a fight at bedtime... it's WONDERFUL!

So when Tyler woke up at 4am, so did she.  And although HE went right back to bed...

Addison apparently had some very important paper work to complete before morning...
(photo taken at 4:30AM)

So we watched a movie until about 7:30 and THEN she fell back asleep.

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