Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Nick and I took the kids into the library in town tonight for some Halloween festivities.  Getting all the kids ready was 'scary' enough:

I had planned for all the kids to be Iowa Hawkeye themed... but due to the lack of football equipment availability (i.e. helmet, pads, pants) I had to resort to plan B and purchase a last minute costume for Trevor today at Target. Hence, the "Dash" from The Incredibles costume.  I also wanted to dress my little pudge in a brown jumpsuit, tie him up in shoestrings and call him a Football, but I fell upon this adorable Giraffe costume in Hawaii before we left.  So... no football. Sorry.

He made such a cute giraffe, though.

The theme DID however, stick with the girls. McKenzie was a Hawkeye fan, and Addison was a cheerleader! GO HAWKS!

After a quick photo shoot at the house, we went out in the freezing cold weather and rain and wind.

At the library, they had cookies and hot cider (yum!) and story time in the other room.

As you can see, Addison didn't quite know what to think of the witch reading them a story.... but she was awful fond of the handsome little chicken running around! (or maybe "he" was a rooster?)

After the library (minus the hayrack ride around town... our thin Hawaii blood has not yet thickened for such activities), we headed out to my grandpa's farm to show off the kiddos.

Back: McKenzie, Tyler, (Great) Grandpa
Middle: Trevor, (my sister's kids:)Hannah & Dylan
Front: Addison



Anonymous said...

The kids look great. I really like Trevor's 'muscles' and Tyler is adorable! I'll miss you guy's coming by our house for treats this year :(

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Cute! Tonight was the squadron halloween party (see blog in a few). As we were leaving I asked Andrew if he had fun. He said "Yes, but I wish Trevor was here!" :( Me too, too! Miss you!

Ginny said...

Oh my gosh. These photos are great. Love the Hawkeye outfits.
Looks like Dad was having a blast too.

Melissa said...

Your kids' costumes look great! And Tyler's giraffe costume?? O...M...G!! Can that be any cuter??? I absolutely love it!