Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lazy Wednesday

The kids just lounged around this morning and had fun playing together! (Yay!)

McKenzie had fun chasing them around taking their pictures, so here are some moments that she captured.

Trevor laid pillows on his little table, and somehow managed to get both him and Addison on top of them. (without falling off!)

Not sure what this is.... Addison being goofy.
Note the long toe socks from yesterday..only this time OVER the pants.

Then there were moments of wresting, which Molly felt she needed to be a part of.

...and it soon turned to snuggling.

I've got my 36 week checkup in the morning, so I'll post any updates when I get back. Then for supper, we will be off to a coffee for a "Breakfast Supper Feast!" YUM!

Then, this weekend, Trevor (I think) has his first soccer game. Does that statement give you any idea of how wonderful his single Marine coach is?? We canceled practice Monday, not sure why, but at least he called the kids this week. Last week he just didn't show up. *sigh*

It will be interesting to see how his team does. They finally started actually playing soccer his last practice, but I think the basics of the game have yet to be explained. Somehow, running around the outside of the field and kicking the ball along the outer line a couple times, and then kicking the ball to the middle of the field and back is a long enough practice and they usually quit after 30 minutes... "The kids get too worn out". Do I sound like I'm complaining? I'm glad someone finally volunteered to coach the team (2 weeks into the season) but I wish it were someone more motivated...? If I wasn't pregnant and actually knew anything about soccer, I would have coached them myself. But, no, Kim has no clue about the game! I had to ask my fellow soccer mom friends about some of the necessary 'gear' Trevor needed to have just to practice. (Oh dear)

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