Monday, July 27, 2009


Nick has finally had a chance to go to the MWR tent on the base to skype. Thanks to a buddy who let him borrow a headset and webcam!!!! He's been so busy he has been too tired, or the communication tent has been shut down due to recent and frequent casualties in the area.

He talked to Trevor and me for a while, then I went and woke up Addison from her nap. I rubbed her cheeks gently to wake her because I didn't want her to be grumpy.... and then whispered..... "Addison, do you want to go see daddy?" And she popped right up and said "YEAH"

So she got to see and talk to daddy too! She smiled and pointed right away and said "DADDY!!" he was just thrilled!

He played with her over the computer pointing out noses and eyes, and ears, etc... then sang itsy bitsy spider, even though he was surrounded by a tent of guys on other computers!

McKenzie and my mom were out getting their hair cut and luckily they came home in time for McKenzie to show daddy her new do! So we all got to see and talk to him for a while!

It was WONDERFUL! I haven't seen him over skype since he left Iraq months ago!

We'll definitely be doing this more often until he comes home!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

WHOOOO HOOO!!! THat's just awesome!! We're so happy for you guys. That must've been just the best ever! Thanks for taking a picture of him talking to the kids on skype. We haven't seen him in quite awhile either -that was a real treat! Hugs to everyone!

Krista said...

So glad it worked out for you guys!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

SKYPE is awesome! so glad you got to spend a little quality time as a family, even if it was via a webcam! I just about cried when I read that he was singing itsy bitsy spider to his sweet little girl, while surrounded by a bunch of guys. So sweet!

By the way, how are you feeling? Not much longer now, right? And I have to say that you looked adorable in that last post. You lucky girl...the only place you've got baby weight is in your tummy. I tend to carry mine in my butt and boobs...not so good. (lol)


Ladners'Latest said...

That's great! Hopefully you'll get to skype from the hospital too!