Saturday, July 4, 2009

Helicopter Photos

Here are some more photos from this week. Some of these helicopters are CH-53E's (Nick flies CH-53D's) but these pictures are really amazing! Enjoy!


Nick called this morning! He sounded great! They've had a crazy busy last few weeks preparing for the latest mission. All the kids were able to talk to him on the phone! Even Addison babbled back and forth with him a while. I was so glad! She just lit up when she heard his voice! They all did!

He is finally switching to night shift so I am hoping he will get a little break now! He hasn't flown nights for a few months now! It had been nearly 2 weeks since I had heard from him, so it was so great to hear his voice!

He said sleeping has been nicer now that they have new tents with better A/C's. He said he actually has to wrap himself in a blanket and expose only his mouth to breath, because it is so cold in the tent! (I think that's better than being too hot)

But other than that, he says that living conditions continue to improve each day. They have hot meals and no longer have to eat MRE's. But flying is really picking up and due to the latest developments, they will continue to be very busy! Please continue to keep Nick and all the other troops in your thoughts and prayers! They will be home before we know it! Safe and sound, and I can't wait until that day finally comes!

Thanks to all of you who have sent me emails! I appreciate it so much and enjoy hearing from you! It's nice to know Nick has such a wide following of family and friends! We are all so proud of him!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics and Mike called this evening too!

Julie S.

Heather said...

Hi- I love the picture on the front of your you have a copy of it? :)