Sunday, July 12, 2009

Phone Call from Nick

I just got off the phone with Nick this morning!

He sounded great. He's on nights and said that time is flying out there!!! I'm so glad. He mentioned nights would be a little slower than days, but even so, he said its' been going fast. Advanced party's return is soon approaching! I am hoping to attend their homecoming if the timing isn't too crazy. (However, the kids will not. It would be too upsetting that daddy won't be getting off THIS plane.)

Addison talked to him briefly, answering "Yeah" to all his questions and throwing in some babbling every once in a while. Trevor even talked to him for quite a while. He wanted to tell him all about his soccer game! Daddy told him how proud he was of him, and Trevor just grinned from ear to ear!

McKenzie is at a birthday party, so she missed him this call.

He's got the popcorn machine up and running lately and the guys have been having popcorn every night! He said it's great! He got 8 big boxes of popcorn from Trails End too and said that is the best popcorn ever! Now he thinks we'll be getting a popcorn machine for our house when we get settled in Virginia.... and that it will be in our game room in the basement. Hmmm, first I've heard of this game room!

Nick said they are awesome, and they have all been wearing them! They work great! The flightline guys look like a bunch of ninja's and wear them around their heads under their cranials! They LOVE them! So thanks to all of you who made it possible to get them out there to them.

Temps have been up around 110-112 degrees during the day, so I'm sure they are glad to have those!

We are on the downhill of this deployment! I'm trying to cross off my list of things to do before he comes home. The kids have VBS and camp these next two weeks, so that will keep us busy.

My mom will be here at the end of next week! Then baby... and then daddy!

We are almost done!!!!

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Jim and Julie Turner said...

Whoo, HOOOOO! SO glad you got to talk to Nick and the kids too! And SOOOO glad to hear those ties finally made it! Let the cooling begin!!! :)