Thursday, July 23, 2009

38+ weeks

I went for my 38 week checkup yesterday. I am 3 cm and 50%! (for those of you who know what I'm talking about.. I wont' get into the details) Baby will be here soon!!!

Trevor and Addison played at Julie's (or Loolie's according to Addison) while I was at my appointment and had a great time!

Addison has gotten better about letting me hold babies, and has been playing with her baby doll accessories DAILY... so I hope that all helps with the transition of getting a new baby! She has been getting really excited when she sees babies on the TV, or packaging, and loves giving kisses and hugs to my growing belly!

Here is a picture I took a while back... I actually think this was the day after I got the stroller for her baby dolls. She was pushing it around, and then she started crying. When I came around the corner, she had somehow climbed INSIDE the baby doll stroller and couldn't get out....

My mom is 'in-flight' to Honolulu today, so we are very excited to go pick her up tonight! She will be here to help out with everything and I am very thankful she could take the time to come out!

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Anonymous said...

Kim YEA for you.... I'm so glad that your mom is coming. Enjoy it!!! I loved it when my mom came to stay with me after Alex and Tom where born. I even called Dad one day to come up and rock Alex because he was so colicly, nobody can rock away colic like Larry.

Love ya