Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Week

As you saw previously, Trevor had Vacation Bible School all week. McKenzie also went to a friend's house for a 5 Day Club (which I think is an older kids version of VBS, only it was run by high school kids). She seemed to enjoy that!

So, this week really flew by fast! I was constantly running kids here and there + soccer practice!

Tomorrow McKenzie goes away for 6 days to Operation Purple Camp at Bellows. It's a free week long camp for kids whose parents are deployed. I am so excited for her to participate in this! They have so many fun things lined up for them to do! There are 2 other girls from our squadron that are also attending, so I'm glad McKenzie at least knows a couple others that will be there.

So, I will be without my fabulous helper this next week. But, no fear, my mom is flying out Friday! The kids are so excited (and so am I). But I think we'll get along just fine while McKenzie is off having fun. We'll miss her a ton, but Trevor and Addison are pretty good buddies. Here are a few pics of them this week.

Here they are eating MY bagel.

And here they are both pretending to play Mario Kart on the Wii. They both usually like to sit and watch McKenzie play... but on this day, they both hopped up in the chair and pretended to steer away!

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