Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun

We had a squadron get together on base. The kids had a ball! There was a kiddie pool, sprinklers, rubber duckies and of course, fabulous food!

After we got home, the kids swam in the pool until supper time. After Addison went to bed, and the sun went down, we brought out the snappers/poppers... and sparklers.

Boy did we make a mess!

But they had a blast! Popped the entire case of them. I'm sure our neighbors love us! We brought home an extra girl from the party (for a sleepover!) in case you were wondering who that was!

Trevor with the sparklers...

Here are McKenzie's SKILLZ

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Anonymous said...

Those are some cool sparkler pics! The kids look like the dancers at the hula shows!

Julie S.