Friday, July 3, 2009

Giant Insect Safari

The kids and I ventured over to Pearl City to the mall where they had a small "Giant Insect Safari" exhibit set up. There was a safari train, which Addison and Trevor rode on that made an "8" around all these giant robotic bugs that moved and make noises. I even brought my camera along to take pics.... but left the memory card in the card reader at home. Argh!

So let me apologize for the awful pictures I had to take on my cell. And for some reason, of all the pics I took, 90% had an error and didn't even show up. Poo.

Here is a quick video of them driving past. Addison did great until the train took off and drove AWAY from me! But luckily Trevor was right behind her and talked to her and made her laugh, then each time they drove past, they would wave and smile!!!

(Again, sorry for the poor quality of video from phone)

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