Monday, August 25, 2008

Adults in the Bounce House

After the kids had bounced themselves silly, it was time for the "Big Kids" to play! Andrew wouldn't let Alaina bounce without him until Drew got back from church, so in the meantime, they 'bumped' together!
Here is Kelly, Kristina's husband, showing off for the ladies!Sherree having a blast bouncin...
Look how happy she is...she's in her element!
Alaina & Andrew
And wouldn't you know, that the few times I make an appearance on this blog, I'm jumping in a bounce house!
(This is McKenzie missing my perfect toe touch...she snapped the picture on the way down, so that once in a lifetime shot is not available!)

Kenzie showing off her bouncing abilities!
I'm sorry, but is that perfect form, or what?!
Julie definately has some skills in the bounce house! I am wondering if she doesn't do this behind our backs as a hobby!
I started to crop this picture, but decided to leave it because, holy cow, check out that height!

And a flip!
Here is Kristina showing off her skills!

This was the most fun I've had at a party in a long time! We also admitted that we got quite the workout! I'll have to see how sore we all are tomorrow!

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