Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekend Warrior (sorry it's late)

Nick got an early start to his weekend by taking leave on Friday. Earlier in the week, he had put up the cabinets he got last weekend, via Here are pics of those up already. Friday after his regular trip to Lowe's, he built his work bench. He had that up in a matter of minutes! Above that is one set of cabinets, with a matching set on the other side of the window.
Here you can see the upper cabinets he put up. These are on the back wall as you come into the garage...the staircase up to our bedroom is just on the otherside.
Friday afternoon, he had a fellow Ugly come down and help him put up the drywall in the garage.

Saturday was another day of putting up the last little pieces of drywall and organizing the new work bench Nick built.

Sunday was all about the birthday party.

Monday he was back to work.

Tuesday we had the window guy come to put a safety shield on the windows at the top of the stairs.

Today, we have the plumber coming to look at our downstairs bathrooms we plan to gut in the next couple weekends, and tell us what we need to do for that.

What's left on the additon before we can get the inspector to sign off?
1) Railing in the stairway
2) Drill holes in the eaves up in the addition

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