Thursday, August 28, 2008

The NewlyWeds are here and gone again!

My brother and his new wife (as of May 31st) arrived in Honolulu yesterday afternoon for their 'official' honeymoon. They stayed with us last night and today they are taking th eSuper Ferry to Maui until Monday.

This morning they headed up to the Pali Lookout and drove around the East shore. Then we took a quick trip to the base to get some essentials for their trip! Snacks, sunglasses, etc.

I am so excited for them. Maui is so beautiful! I can't wait to go back there myself. I hope they have a wonderful time!!!

Subject Change:
Trevor woke up yesterday morning calling the dinosaurs! Yes, vomiting! I don't know what he had, but it really knocked him out. Poor little guy couldn't keep anything down until last night, when my brother made him some toast. He took a 3+ hour nap in the late afternoon and then went to bed at a decent time last night and slept all night. Today he is feeling much better, but I kept him out of school again today just to make sure he is 100%. I think he is still recovering, because when we returned from the commissary around 1pm, he crawled up on the couch, and fell asleep. I didn't even ask him to lay down. Nick thinks he just partied too hard at his birthday party on Sunday.

Earlier today, he help up 5 fingers and asked if he was that many yet. I told him, "No, you are 4 now!" He looked at me sort of disappointed like, and said "Still?" Which is funny for him, because according to him, he has been 2 for 2 years, and never was 3. No matter how much I would argue with him that he was 3, he was very sure that he was always 2.

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Ladners'Latest said...

Poor Trevor. I'm glad he's feeling better today. Andrew's doctor said there was a virus going around. :(