Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The title phrase is something I usually say when referring to Trevor, however, as of yesterday, it now applies to Addison.

As you saw in the earlier posts, Addison's buddy Hannah was pulling herself up on her exer-saucer. Last night, Addison was sitting on the floor by the couch, and she pulled herself up to a standing position so that she could see me on the couch.

She did it a few times in a row, and again today before Nick went to work. Nick and I decided that we would soon have to lower the crib mattress because we were sure she would be pulling herself up in the crib!

Well...this afternoon, Addison was not going down for her nap, she was fussing for a while in her crib, so I went to go check on her, and sure enough, there she was, standing up in her crib, with a death grip on the railing....I think she was screaming because she had pulled herself up, and then didn't know what to do next, without falling back in the crib.

So...Trevor and McKenzie assisted me in lowering the crib mattress to it's lowest position. I guess it will be one less thing for Nick to have to do tonight when he gets home! And, I've also learned that Trevor is VERY good with a wrench!

Silly Little Monkey!!!

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