Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trevor is 4!

Trevor's 4th birthday was Monday, the 25th. After such a big birthday bash on Sunday, I had to wake him up and drag him out of bed so that he could go to pre-school. He was a little resistive. As I lightly shook him to wake up, and told him HAPPY BIRTHDAY, he grumbled:

No Mommy, I don't want another birthday party! I want to go back to sleep!

And when I told him he had to go to school and take his birthday treats, he replied:

No Mommy, I don't want any friends today. I want to stay here with you!

Awwww, as sweet as that was, he did finally get up. I made him waffles with a birthday candle, but he was still too grumpy and made me take the candle out.

Here are the cupcake that I stayed up til after midnight baking and decorating after his party on Sunday night...oh, what mother's do for their kids.

Trevor's pre-school labels each class with an animal. Trevor's class? Zebras. So I made 24 "Zebra" Cupcakes for Trevor's classmates and teachers. I used both chocolate and white batter, dropping a teaspoon of chocolate, then white, over and over until the cupcake tin was full, so that when they are baked, the cake has a zebra like look to it.

Trevor had a package from Grandma and Grandpa Wilson waiting for him when he got home from pre-school. Inside were lots of treats, and a special box full of Moon Sand! (yeah, thanks mom!~can you feel the sarcasm?) It's a cross between sand, and playdough, only worse! It has a sand texture, but molds like playdough. And makes a fun mess ALL OVER!

But, Trevor LOVED it, so I guess it's worth all that sweeping and cleaning after he's done playing with it!

And this was Trevor soon after playing with the Moon Sand.
At first, I thought he was just faking so he wouldn't have to clean up his mess, but no, he was truly sleeping. Poor guy, he was so worn out! I think the events from the last 2 days had caught up to him!

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