Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turner Family Olympics

Nick got home last evening from work and dissed two ideas I had for supper. So, we ordered pizza. What does the Turner family do to entertain ourselves while we wait for the pizza guy?!

We see who can balance ourselves on an exercise ball the longest without touching the ground...

I don't have the official times, but I'm pretty sure Nick won the gold with a time of 5 seconds. And I really wish I would have video taped this because it was a hilarious 5 seconds of jerks and faces and movements that would have made you pee your pants.

Kenzie received the silver with 3 seconds.

Trevor gets an A for effort, as his poor little toes never left the floor, but he sure did try hard!

And Addison gets the smile award for looking the prettiest on the exercise ball.

Where is Kim? Well, like always, I'm the one behind the camera taking pictures of everyone else. Yes, I participated in the exercise ball balancing event, but no one took pictures of it. But you can just picture a very beautiful and graceful attempt. I think I maybe hit 2 seconds! Ha ha!!!


Jan said...

Looks like fun!

Zach said...

Nick needs to stop bringing his work home with him. We tried this at the squadron, but Hughes broke both of his legs.