Friday, August 29, 2008


I took Trevor and Addison to the botanical garden near our house to get some fresh air. Plus, we had to miss our playdate yesterday since Trevor was sick, and they all met at this place.

McKenzie was out and about the neighborhood with her friends since they all were out of school today...she wanted to hang with them more than she wanted to hang with me! (sniff sniff)

The drive over there was really pretty. I am embarressed to admit I haven't even been here before, but was excited to check it out. There was a path to the lake, and so I snapped a few pics along the way...
Trevor said, "Mommy, these look like giant pineapples!"
He was very cooperative with me about taking pictures...he must still be pretty sick!
Addison was happy to get out of the stroller a little while, because the path was a bit bumpy. I'm sure her cheeks were sore from jiggling so much!
Trevor posing on the bridge

Almost there...We made it!One of my friends mentioned taking stale bread to feed the ducks....when we first got there, there was one little duck waddling around.
But boy oh boy, did we see ducks!And apparently, they saw us too...and smelled the bread! Thank goodness they were all very friendly and very patient. I had a slight anxiety attack as they all started up the hill toward us. I was trying to think ahead as to what I would do if the ducks started to get too hostile! But luckily, that plan never had to be implemented.
Here, Trevor is telling the ducks, "I'm sorry, there is no more bread!!!"
They all hung around a few minutes just to make sure we really were out of bread. I am guessing they get fed a lot from visitors!I don't know where this mother goose came from, but Trevor said, "Whoa Mom! Look at that big one!!!!"
It was a lot of fun and I think we'll have to come back again soon to see our little duck friends...and "Mother Goose".

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Jan said...

love all the pics Kim...the flowers are just gorgeous! I have a house full, all bedrooms are taken, Judy & David in Timmy's room, Susan & Danica in the green bedroom (Mom and Dad's) and Tim's Sister Marcia in the room across from my office...getting ready for the big shower tomorrow, 77 so far attending....