Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hannah & Addison

I picked up the boys (Trevor and Hudson) from pre-school today, and when Sherree came to pick Hudson up from the house, we ended up visiting most of the afternoon! The girls (Addison and Hannah) played together and just had a good time!

Hannah is 10 months and Addison is 8 months
Hannah would stand up in front of Addison and Addison just got a kick out of someone her size right there with her!

They were rarely in the same spot at the same time, so getting their pictures together was difficult. They are both just go go go!
Addison did take a moment to smile for the camera!
I didn't get any pictures of the boys as they were just a couple peas in a pod back in the playroom. However, this is a picture of Trevor soon after they left this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

The Girls are soooooo adorable. Like a mini Kim and Sherree it's sooooooo cool! I wish I could squeeze them both! Love you guys and miss you more than you know!!
Love, Sara