Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Warrior is back!

Nick has returned from the boat, and is back to working on the house. After three weeks on the boat, they were given a four day weekend. Friday Nick finished up the hall closet flooring, and then put in the rest of the transition pieces around the house.

The flooring is done, well, except for most of the trim.

Yesterday, before I went to work in the evening, he started on the lanai railing off our upstairs bedroom. He plans on finishing that up tomorrow before he goes into work in the afternoon.My pineapple finally hit it's maximum size I think. It's been sitting outside getting more yellow the past few days and hasn't gotten any bigger, so I picked the cute lil' thing! We are having company over tonight, so I think I'll serve it then. If we're lucky, we all might get one bite!
We have a full afternoon and evening planned today, so check back for updates on that!


Jan said...

I love the deck railing, it looks very nice! And what a cute little pineapple! Wonder how you can make it grow bigger Kim?

Melissa Kae Creative said...

I love the pineapple!