Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Will the Rain Stop????

Tonight after supper we were all in the family room when it started to pour down rain. When it rains, and the wind picks up, it sometimes blows a light mist through our windows. Trevor came to me and said, "Oh, mommy, it's raining in!" He sat next to me on the couch when he suddenly perked up and in a panic, says "Mommy!!!! Will the rain stop?!?!??!"

"Yes", I told him. "It will rain for a few minutes and stop."

But he wasn't satisfied with that answer. He said "But mommy, the rain is coming down hard and it will make lots of water!!!! Like God did!"

At that moment I realized that they must have been discussing Noah's Ark and the great flood in pre-school. He had such a scared look on his face. I asked him to tell me about the water and he said:

God made it rain and rain and rain and Noah built an ark for all the animals, two of each, and it rained so much it made water everywhere.

I told him he was right, but that God promised to never do that again. And then I told him about what it means when God makes rainbows in the sky. That the rainbow is a reminder that He will never flood the Earth again.

Trevor was much more satisfied at this point, and wouldn't you know that as soon I finished telling him about the rainbows that the rain stopped!

*It was so neat to listen to him tell the story back to me, but it also made me extra proud to know that he is actually sitting and LISTENING to the stories!

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