Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Thursday night my friend Gina and her kids, and Sherree and her kids came over for dinner. Joe (8) and McKenzie (11) grilled, yes I said grilled, all by themselves, grilled our steaks....which by the way, were fabulous!

After we ate, the kids ran around the yard and burned off some energy.
Joe and McKenzie kicked the balls around, and a lot of times over the fence, which ended in many races to see who could hop the fence and get to the ball the fastest.

Trevor, Hudson & Helen played baseball, or was it golf?

The backyard was a crazy three ring circus!

THEN, TONIGHT..... we had my friend Sherree Trammell and her 2 kids, Hudson and Hannah along with my friend Kristina Attwood and her son Wyatt over for supper. Sherree brought strawberries and chocolate! It was the peak of the night!!!! Loved by all!

All the kids were a chocolate-y mess! Even some of the moms got a little chocolate on our faces! Who doesn't love chocolates and bananas and strawberries.

It is always great fun to get together for dinner with friends. It's a great distraction, a load off of making a full meal, since we all bring something to contribute, and the best part.... the kids run their tanks til empty!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Hate I missed out! I know you ladies had fun :)