Monday, March 2, 2009

18 Week Ultrasound

Just got back from my 18 week ultrasound! The tech was really nice and showed us all kinds of views. Turner #4 was very active and tossing and turning, kicking their legs and waving their little arms constantly. Some measurements took a little longer to get due to the little stinker being so squirmy.

Trevor discussed baby names while we watched. He first thought that we should name this baby Addison too, but then I told him that would be a little confusing. So he said, "Um...well, maybe we could call her Judy!" I told him, "Well, that's Grandma's name!" "Ugh...well, okay then we'll call it Anne!" (No idea where that came from)

Then I asked Trevor, what if the baby is a boy? "Mom, those are all girl's names!!" And I gave up.
Here is a good profile of the baby.
She roughly measured #4 to be about 14cm from head to rump.

Here is baby's abdomen on the left, and face on the right.
(A little alien looking in this one)

Baby measured to be about 19 weeks 3 days, which is a full week bigger than I supposedly am currently. She said that calculated out to be a due date of July 26. My original date was August 5th. But I think the 5th is a little more accurate according to timelines. Only time will tell!

And speaking of 'telling'... I informed her at the start that we had decided NOT to find out the gender of the baby. But when we were finishing up, she looked at me and said.... "So, are you SURE you don't want to know what you are having?" The possibility was nagging at me, but I said, "No, but my husband wanted to find out...he's in Iraq." We joked about how Nick only wanted to know what the gender was if it was a boy..... (Seriously!)
So she said, "I can take a picture of the 'area' and label it and seal it in an envelope. Then you can send it to him if you like! And he can open it if he wants to....

So, here it is...the TOP SECRET envelope!
What will happen to it...that is yet to be determined!

After the appointment, as we were leaving the hospital, Trevor said "But Mommy...she didn't take the baby out!!" I guess when I told him we were going to see what the baby looks like, he thought it was coming out!!!


Ladners'Latest said...

I couldn't look at that "top secret" envelope every day and not open it ;) I'd be way too tempted.

Jim and Julie Turner said...

These are awesome!! LOVE all the Trevor comments! How cute! We'll all be SOOOOO curious to see what Nick does with the secret envelope!