Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Outing to the Beach

Today, some of us ventured out to the Ko Olina beaches, but after arriving, and waiting over 10 minutes in line to drive through the security gate, we were turned away due to "no more parking stalls available" because of all the people who had the same fabulous idea we had. We got turned away!!!! So, we regrouped, and headed to an Army Recreation Park just a few miles away. It was awesome!

So here we are:
4 Moms + Meridith
11 Children
and....1 Daddy

We laughed as we walked to our beach spot, people staring at us, looking like a polygamist family on a beach outing.

We smothered ourselves in sunscreen, and then shoved some lunch in the kids mouths before they ran off to play in the sand, never again to have clean enough hands to eat later in the day.

Right away, a crab was found and 'housed' in a bucket and then poked and proded by little monsters as sand and water were added to make a habitat...

Addison playing in the sand before I got her in a floaty and headed to the water with her. The waves were coming in pretty good so it carried us back and forth, she ALMOST fell asleep out in the water, but she fought that off. In fact, she fought the nap feeling ALL DAY.

Hannah & AddisonAlan rented a kayak and took some of the kids out for a little joy ride...
Trevor opted to stay on the beach despite Alan's several attempts to take him out.

McKenzie brought her friend Katelyn, who lives across the street from us, and they were off in the water most of the day, and when taking a break from the water, McKenzie, Katelyn & Robin agreed to let Trevor bury them in the HOT sand...

Then he did a quick demonstration of how to make a sand ball!

We finally packed out around 4pm, and it wasn't until we were about halfway home that this happened:
It was a good day!


Lesley and Zachary said...

Looks like fun! So glad that Alan is home and could be the lone dad in the group!

Ladners'Latest said...

Fun :) That's a LOT of people at the beach.

sara krahulec said...

WOW 11 kids!!! Go Alan;o) Looks like everyone had fun! Love the pic of Addi and Hannah playing in the sand they are getting sooooo BIG:(