Saturday, March 14, 2009

Operation: Homefront Bowling

Operation: Homefront is for the families of deployed Marines. They organize monthly events for the families to do, either free, or at a great discount. This month, they opened the bowling alley on base for us for 4 hours so we could bowl for free! They turned the lights out and had the black lights on so that anything white just glowed!!! The kids had a ball.

Mommy & Addison
Trevor was not very crazy about the shoes he had to wear. He would have much rather have worn his new tennis shoes. PLUS, the lane we were in was NOT a bumper lane. So his first 2 bowls went in the gutter. He was NOT happy about that. So he sat out and moped....until he found his friend "Helen"! Then he was thrilled to be there. They played and ran around together, and we even caught them jammin' to the music!

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